Many seniors stay at home, and do not easily go out. Even when the weather is great, they rather stay inside. This may result in loneliness, depression, and lethargy.

Do you know why?

They are sometimes afraid that they cannot make it on time, when they need to use the toilet. They are not as quick as they used to be, and in most circumstances there are no public toilets available. Especially in residential areas, where there are no cafés or other public places, it is not possible to go to the 'john'. 

This ridiculously simple fact keeps them housebound and sometimes makes them feel lonely. Anyone who is reluctant to step outside and enjoy a beautiful day, deserves our support and help.

In 1596 Sir John Harrington invented the first flushing toilet in Britain. That is where the expression 'the John' comes from. Now, more than 400 years later, we are going to design and build the first mobile flushing toilet in the world! A John on the go! 

Rotterdam based Studio Kortmann develops a convenient mobile toilet for seniors and anyone who needs relief. Starting with a simple working prototype, we start investigating and probing. We test the Go-John amongst the target audience, but also other potential users.

We can imagine the Go-John being used at festivals, at local and mobile coffee stands or teahouses. The comfort exceeds the standard portable toilets, especially the regular festival toilets. We will explore the potential of a commercial rental service, but first we introduce the first version to the community of Oosterflank, to give the seniors the chance of going to the park and becoming part of the neighbourhood again.

Studio Kortmann is working on social design issues, in collaboration with Theatre group Powerboat and the Willem de Kooning Academy. For the 'Huis van Oosterflank' project, we came across this unbelievably banal obstacle for seniors to stay a part of society and community.

With this prototype we like to explore the reality of public sanitation and we welcome any feedback. So please send us an email or give us a call.



Bas Kortmann - designer and founder of Go-John