The first prototype is initiated and funded by Studio Kortmann, to create the perfect clean and comfortable mobile toilet. Because we like to work with an 'open design' mentality, we start with a quick and easy modifiable prototype, so people can participate in the development of this project. We are looking for partners and support.

We are looking for high standard and high quality toilets, such as yachting toilets or RV toilets, but right now we start of with a simple camping toilet. The cabin itself should be feather weight, but rigid and insulated. Cleaning should be super simple. The bike needs to have electrical assistance and features such as: lights and music (to mask all toilet sounds).

We want this mobile toilet to be accessible for people with walking aids. Steps or platforms, that bridge the height are necessary. The width is limited by regulation and practical issues, to 1100 mm. This makes a wheelchair accessible version practically impossible. But perhaps we will develop a bigger version in the future too.

modifying the rickshaw - oct 2016

Leon is removing excess parts - oct 2016

Base frame welded - oct 2016

First indoor ride - oct 2016

Low version - oct. 2016

The first prototype is based on a second hand Chinese Rickshaw with the seats removed. The crudely welded, but sturdy frames is the perfect base. The brake is archaic so we will add additional brakes, as well as an electrical front wheel.

Side view - oct. 2016

Designer Bas Kortmann - oct. 2016

We are using materials that were already present in the Studio Kortmann Workshop, and we re-use materials of previous projects. The only thing we do not use is the 750 W electrical motor that came along, when we bought  the rickshaw. That is a little bit too powerful, and frankly illegal for road use.